Hill"Billy" Shakespeare

by Eugene Chrysler

Released 2006
Carclo Records
Released 2006
Carclo Records
Rockabilly meets Americana Twang with a twing of Western Swing
Eugene Chrysler is back with his second cd, with the help of a bunch of
his pals from the Lone Star State.

Hill "Billy" Shakespeare was recorded in those two towns duking it out
for the title of Music City USA, Nashville and Austin. Special guests
include Asleep At The Wheel's Ray Benson, Cindy Cashdollar, Jason
Roberts, and Floyd Domino. Also along on the ride are Toni Price, Champ
Hood, Mark Kazanoff, and Brian Hofeldt from The Derailers.

Even though Eugene is based up in the New York area, his roots are in
the South. He grew up listening to Elvis, Carl Perkins, Bob Wills, and
Asleep At The Wheel. If you told him when he was a kid that someday he
would do a duet with Asleep At the Wheel's Ray Benson, he would have

Eugene's music is a mix of rockabilly and classic country, with a dash
of western swing and a quirky sense of humor. It's snappy and a lot of
fun to dance to.

He has fronted his own band for the last 15 years and has played in
such bands as Lil' Mo and the Monicats, The Jimmy Nations Combo,
Roadside Louie and The Dusters, and The Crescent City Maulers. He has
also had the honor to play with and open for Billy Lee Riley, Wanda
Jackson, Robert Gordon, and Big Sandy.

His live performances have more energy than a trucker full of Red Bull
and Krispy Kremes. He flips his big ol' doghouse bass around like a
fiddle and has been known to play it behind his back!

Some of Eugene's songs have been on TV's "Law and Order" and in the
Harvey Keitel movie, "Three Seasons". His music videos have also been
on TNN and CMT.